The latest update of the SIUPV indicators is now available
November 2017

SIUPV has been updated for the second time in 2017, extending the information available for 52 of the 63 indicators. The sections that have improved by this update are:

and partially, the indicators of the following sections:

Data on economic and scientific output are now available updated to 2015 (latest official data), and academic data for the 2015/2016 course. Also, the update now includes information on the degrees offered for the 2016/2017 academic course, including the number of places available, cut-off marks, and cost per credit for first registration.

March 2017

SIUPV has updated the set of indicators of the 5 Valencian public universities with the latest information. This update, the first of the year 2017, includes the revision of the graph found on the website’s initial page, which includes number of students, bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered and scientific output. The figures, updated according to the 2016/17 academic course, include data for the total of the five universities that make up the Valencian Public University System and, also individually for each university.

In addition to this latest information, SIUVP has also included the most recent figures available for each parameter containing new information. Specifically in this update, data for the 2014/15 academic course and the year 2015 have been included in the indicators of the following sections:

The 60 indicators available in SIUVP allow to access data on a particular academic course, as well as to extract the temporal evolution of an indicator during the last years. Moreover, it allows personalizing the search by selecting a certain university or the university system in general and, for some indicators, choosing among teaching areas or degrees.

One of the objectives of SIUVP is to provide clear and consistent information on the Valencian public universities to society. Therefore, each of the updates of the indicators and main developments are summarized in press releases which are disseminated through the media. In this section, you will find the latest press releases prepared by SIUVP.

To view the updates made in 2016, please click here

The information collected in the SIUVP database ranges from purely academic aspects, such as teaching supply and demand, to more specific economic data related to resources and activity output for each university. This website and its periodic updates are proof of the transparency commitment reached by the 5 Valencian public universities.

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