The latest update of the SIUPV indicators is now available
July 2021

First release from 2021.

This release extends information corresponding to economic data to 2019. The total number updated is 33 that are distibuited as:

As two indicators appear in two categories the total number of indicators updated is less than sum of diferent categories.

Febreaury 2021

This is last release from 2020 which was delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak.

As usual, the time period corresponding to students in different aspects has been extended.

This release includes an update of 27 indicators broken down into categories as follows (some indicators can be in several categories):

October 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak this release has been delayed.

Main novelty of this edition is the extension of the time period of the economic indicators, most of them reaching 2018. It is therefore the most up-to-date source for consulting the economic indicators of the five Valencian public universities.

In this edition we have updated the indicators from five categories: economic data, research and tech transfer, human resources, admission and internationalization.

November 2019

In the last 2019 release we have updated information on students. So the time serie has been extended for the following categories:

This update allow us to offer information related to teaching until the 2017/2018 academic course.

April 2019

This release includes information on the degrees offered for the 2018/2019 academic course and updated data of 40 indicators related to:

With this release, data on research and human resources has been updated to 2017 and economic data to 2016.

As in all the first updates of the year, a global vision of the Valencian university system is offered through advanced data that are shown in the About SIUVP section and in the initial infographics.

One of the objectives of SIUVP is to provide clear and consistent information on the Valencian public universities to society. Therefore, each of the updates of the indicators and main developments are summarized in press releases which are disseminated through the media. In this section, you will find the latest press releases prepared by SIUVP.

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